I secretly love snow days. I always buy more groceries than I really need (don't we all?). Then the kids are off school.. everything is cancelled and I can just sit in my home and get inspired to cook. For example: Instead of making plain scrambled eggs.. I made my favorite-- Greek Scrambled Feta Eggs!! YUM!!!

-1-2 teaspoons of good quality EVOO (preferably greek)
-1 tomato diced -- you can seed it if you'd like
-handful of baby spinach torn
-2-3 eggs scrambled in a bowl with salt and pepper
-2-4 tablespoons Feta Cheese
-Salt and Pepper to taste
-Sprinkle of Dried Greek Oregano (optional)
-Red Pepper Flake (optional)

Heat Olive Oil over medium heat.
Add diced tomato and a little salt to taste. (this helps pull the water out of the tomatoes so they cook down quicker)
Cook until spinach is wilted
Add eggs and scramble
Add crumbled feta
Continue cooking until eggs are cooked to your liking.

--Serve with fresh sliced tomatoes, kalmata olives, or dressed greens 

Recipe adapted from ----> https://www.aheadofthyme.com/2016/02/mediterranean-scrambled-eggs-with-spinach-tomato-and-feta/

  • Marinated Artichoke Hearts - 1 can strained and rinsed  
  • Sun dried tomatoes - a handful 
  • Dried Oregano- teaspoon or two 
  • Garlic- 3-5 cloves crushed or minced 
  • Italian Parsley - 2-4 tablespoons cut fine
  • Celery- 3-4 stalks sliced for sauce and thin slice rest for salad 
  • Refrigerated Pie Crust 
  • Campbell's Cream of Mushroom and Chicken Soup- 1 can
  • Rotisserie Chicken- Shred the breast meat 
  • Hendrinkson's Salad Dressing- 
  • Sweet Yellow Onions- 1-2 cups diced
  • Lemon- zest and juice to taste 
  • Half and Half -1/2-3/4 cup 
  • White Rice - Cooked with Bay leaf and salt to taste 
Start making your rice and work on dicing all the vegetables. Preheat the oven to 350 F and get the skillet warming up on low heat while prepping veggies. In a bowl add a few tablespoons of salad dressing to the thin chopped celery and let marinate for the duration of cooking. Add 1-2 tablespoons of butter to skillet. Add prepped veggies. Cook until browned and translucent. Meanwhile shred the chicken and add the chopped rinsed artichokes and sun dried tomatoes to bowl. Turn up the heat and add a splash of white wine. Turn down the heat add chicken bowl ingredients and parsley, oregano, s&p, lemon zest and juice to taste. Add can of the cream soup and the half and half. Let sauce simmer while continuously stirring for 10-20 minutes. Meanwhile press pie crust into pie pan and layer with 1/2-1 cup of cooked white rice. Next add a layer of sauce -- I like to go heavy on the sauce so the pie is moist. Next add another layer of rice -- make sure to press each layer into the pie pan so it's dense like a pie. Continue until no sauce remains. Add top crust and cinch around the edges. Cut pretty pie holes in top. Bake for 30-40 mins! Serve with celery salad! 
Because I said so! — #mamaforpresident — 

I’m using 2019 as a fresh start. I’m 30 years old and I’m about to have myself more together then ever before. Just you wait ☝️ this Mama is about to do big thangs this year! 🙌 — but first I need to stop eating Doritos past 8 PM and get my house in order 😆 you feel me? I can’t be fab when I’m bloated and my house is in disarray am I right? —- stay tuned for all the awesome shiz that’s about to go down on the gram in 2019!

Who would have guessed that Lemurs are so sweet, funny, and snugly. 🤷‍♀️⠀

Instagram Post: 
Can I just start out by saying that Jay and I paid nearly $300 per person at a different zoo for an "animal encounter" and didn't even get to pet any animals 🤔. I cannot say enough good things about the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. We paid $10 per person to snuggle with lemurs that have been rescued and cannot be released back into the wild. I really didn't know anything about these animals until we we sat down and the zoo keeper was telling us that they can make 40 different sounds! He showed us their "comb" like teeth and exactly where each one likes to be scratched. When you hit the right spot they just go totally limp and lay there like a relaxed cat. I'm definitely going to look more into how to help these wonderful endangered creatures.