Friday, January 9, 2015

Best Chicken Piccata Recipe

Chicken Piccata-  

I am so inspired right now that I need to write about my chicken piccata recipe right now and get it out of my system so I can concentrate on real life events like doing the dishes and feeding the cats. Exciting right?  I was first introduced to Chicken Piccata when I started my bartending job at Maggiano's Little Italy- One of the things we had to do in training was try every single food item on the menu. They brought everything out on a large table and we would take a bite and talk about the food. Needless to say I had the most enjoyable experience working there. When I had my first bite of Piccata my mouth watered, the savory thin chicken cutlet and the tangyness of the capers was almost too much for me to handle. I knew from that point on that I really really like this stuff....

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chicken "Jay-Frazi" - Curry Indian Dish

It all started around 2 PM on a Thursday afternoon just around that time when you stop working at your desk and start drifting over to pinterest and checking your facebook to escape the black white normalcy of the mundane 9-5.

I starting thinking.. maybe I should be an awesome girlfriend and cook a delicious meal for my boyfriend, Jay. I started googling "quick and easy" dinner recipes hoping for an easy way out. Now, I do love to cook but every once in awhile I get burned out. I pretty much rotate most of the recipes you'll find on this blog along with the boring grilled chicken and veggies. So I was looking for something different, something new, something I've never done before... but.. quick and easy. I kept seeing Indian curry recipes popping up and thought hmm.. I've never made that before? I also saw recipes for baked chicken and mashed potatoes and my mouth just started watering for something comforting. I knew without even asking Jay that he would pick the curry over anything I ran by him so I just went with it.

So here is my glorious iPhone photo of the Indian Curry/ Jay-Frazi. As I mentioned I thought this was going to be horrible because it sounded somewhat healthy so I didn't bother photographing my progress. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Airport and Packing Tips for the Unseasoned Traveler

Hello again to my fabulous blog! I have missed you! It's been awhile and this has been a project of mine going on 3 years now. Started as a personal journal turned awesome blog! Lately I've been catching myself googling my recipes when I'm at the grocery store because I can never remember them so it's been great! There is nothing more that makes me happier than writing on my own blog and getting all these great comments and views! Keep them coming! :)

Today I find myself feeling alone.  My boyfriend is currently in the Amsterdam airport "relaxing" without me until he moves onto Florence for a 10 day trip through Tuscany... My Dad is traveling to Canada today to do some worth ethic research at a sister company, one of my good friends is going to Colorado in 2 weeks, another is leaving for the US Virgin islands, and another is living in Ireland! A few of my blog friends are in Istanbul, Paris, and Thailand. As for me? I am going to visit a very good friend of mine in a few days. Going to a small army town in North Carolina so there probably won't be a lot to blog about there. It doesn't sound very exciting but if you knew what we were capable of when we go out together you would think otherwise! We all have that friend we can turn to that will turn that frown upside down! There will be copious amounts of alcohol (probably sangria) and good good food! (cooking soothes the soul) So when I get back I should have some good stories, some good food, and drink recipes to write about.

With all of this being said I feel like I am constantly being flooded with traveling questions. Every time I log onto my facebook there's another message asking me something about traveling. Can you find me a cheap flight? When should I get to the airport? What is a good amount of time for a layover? What should I pack? What should I do if my flight gets delayed or cancelled? What can I bring through TSA? While I can't answer all of these questions in one single blog post I thought I could do a general post for the "Unseasoned Traveler." This is for the person who hasn't flown in years or not at all. Or maybe you are seasoned and just want to read along to see what kind of tips I can offer.

Starting off with booking your flight, my boyfriend Jay has wrote a great blog post for Angie Knows the Truth. It is one of the most popular posts! Click Here to read Jay's Booking tips for flights

Unseasoned Travelers may want to consider bundling their hotel, car, and flight. Click Here for Jay's tips and tricks for Bundling

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Caesar's Palace - Las Vegas, Nevada

Caesar's Palace is basically the mecca of Las Vegas. From what I have heard they own many of the other casinos and resorts on the strip and are also part of the Total Rewards program. Caesar's has it's own mall area called the Forum Shops which are very large,  in charge and basically an attraction of their own. You can also get to many places without even really going outside! Even parts of the Hangover were filmed here! Just in case you didn't already figure in August it is HOT in Vegas! When we were checking out on Monday I made a comment to a local about the wind outside and he replied "Oh really? I haven't been outside since Thursday!" haha!!

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