Bern's Steak House, Tampa Florida

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There is nothing like Bern's steak house. The decor eclectic. Wine list largest in the world. Dry aged beef, fresh salad from their own garden. Service is spot on. Desserts upstairs a life experience (separate post for the dessert room)!!

We spent 3 and a half hours here for dinner! Expect to drop some $$ here though, they do have cheap sutter home white zin if that's what you prefer but this wine list is like 80 pages long and the prices are not that bad. I found a wine we had in Paris it was a 2006 and they had the 1994 year here for $75 not a terrible price if you ask me!!! ( Our server was very informative he could tell you what day they received each vegetable in the salad and help you decide what to order based on how much you want to spend. There are multiple themed dining rooms one of which the presidents eat in when they are in town! The food was delish my steak was about $30.00 but it came with french onion soup, a salad (I couldn't decide on a dressing so he brought me 3), a baked potato with accompaniments, collard greens, onion strings, and cooked carrots! After dinner if you ask they will take you on a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar. Both of which were very interesting for me! They have a bottle of wine from 1946 that they are selling for $30,000!!! Crazy!!

(photos below)

Bottom line

- I would recommend this to anyone who comes to Tampa or Clearwater Florida. It's worth the drive trust me. Such an amazing experience I got to share with my boyfriend and we will never forget it.

They don't have a website setup yet but trust me on this one!!

Below- Filet Oscar style

Below- My 3 salad dressings the one on the left is a vanilla macadamia nut was so good!!

Below- French onion soups with garlic and spelt toast

Below- Crab cakes with NO filler. I was a little worried after ordering these that they might not be good.. they were to die for!!


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