Berry-Cornmeal Pound cake

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OK OK I know you are thinking cornmeal in pound cake ?!?! It's delish and adds some nutrition so JUST TRY IT. The prep on this recipe is a CINCH too, luckily at my store they had a bag of berries that was exactly 2 cups so I had no waste. If you are not this lucky you can always make yourself a smoothie to pair with your pound cake ;)  One reviewer said the pan was not big enough and it billowed outside of the pan and burned. I have never had this issue. Although mine only cooked for about 45 mins each time instead of the noted 65 mins. The second time I made this I added some lemon zest it was pretty nice.

*cooking times VARY always check your baking items before the noted time*

I have made this cake about 4 times, you need to listen to Martha's words, "This loaf gets its lift from the thorough beating of the butter and sugar (a full eight minutes) and eggs, instead of leavenings such as baking powder or baking soda."

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