Clearsky Beachside Cafe, Clearwater Florida

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We decided to eat here because...
A) It was walking distance from the hotel
B) Right next to the liquor store
C) The valet guy said this place had a beach view
Well... There was NO beach view from here but we still enjoyed this place. I ordered one Cosmo for $6 made with absolute and I was abnormally buzzed afterwards!! They serve them in a gigantic martini glass and fill it up which is exactly what you are looking for after a day of traveling! The food was cheap and OK I didn't have anything there that excited me foodwise. The drinks were ON POINT though and kept us coming back. Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon they have a Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar!! The Bloody Mary bar included shrimp, 3 seasonings, celery, cucumber, carrot, pickles, banana peppers, 5 hot sauces, Worcestershire, limes, lemons!! Basically the works and it was cheap!  Anyways the service was great the bartender recommend us to go to the Wildflower Cafe for Quiche and an Island Cafe by the Marina that we never made it to.

Bottom line---
I would recommend this place to someone who wants a reasonable price for a lunch with drinks. It wasn't the best but certainly no complaints here!

Here is their website

My Bloody Mary

Clearsky Beachside Cafe, Clearwater Florida


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