Coconut Chicken

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One of my favorite dishes to make are these Coconut Chicken pieces. The only thing I need to buy from the store is chicken because I usually have coconut flakes and sweet chili sauce on hand. (they don't really go bad and great items to have on hand) This recipe you NEED THE SAUCE the chicken is just bland without it. This recipe calls for coconut milk but I don't see the need to open an entire can of coconut milk for a 1/4 cup unless you have other plans to cook with it this week. Also I put a little sugar in the breading to add a little sweetness. I always use the egg beaters when I have to bread something it seems to help things stick better than beating an egg. I baked these instead of frying them, for some reason every time I cook breaded food in the skillet it falls apart. SO I baked these at 400F until 165 inside about 10 minutes on each side. And spraying them on both sides with pam beforehand gives them they same golden color.

 I would serve this with some green beans and orange slices for dinner.

This picture on the top is from when I baked them. You can see they look similar and are not fried in a ton of oil like the ones below. I still bought the same sauce at Kroger. You need the sauce with these or they are pretty flavorless. Next time I might try and marinate the chicken in some coconut milk for more coconut flavor. 

Baked Coconut Chicken

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