Mongolian Beef

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Randomly happened to have a HUGE wok laying around decided to give this recipe a go. Personally I think it would be fine in a non-stick pan but since I had the wok I used it. First thing you should know is that this recipe is extremely time consuming for a "stir fry." Secondly I added a TON of bell pepper and onion to my dish which took extra time to chop. Thirdly you have to make rice to serve on, which I started making AFTER I cooked the beef so it took a long time!! Once again as the recipe says to use LOW SODIUM soy sauce otherwise it is way overpowering on the salt. Lastly I used a flat iron steak the store I went to did not have any flank steak and skirt steak is too tough for me but it turned out GREAT! I have made this dish quite a few times I love it.

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