Once upon a time...

I guess I will start with why I decided to do this?
---I have always loved to cook and try new recipes. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I plan to post the good, the bad, and the ugly. Same with wine too! I LOVE WINE but sometimes looks or reviews can be deceiving  just because a bottle of wine has good reviews doesn't always mean it's good or worth the price. When I travel I like to try out the best known restaurants and food stands, I try to order what they are known for and again sometimes I find gold other times I find myself unsatisfied. People will post anything on tripadvisor.com you cannot always rely on that to plan your vacation. I plan to give you the honest 411 on recipes I have tried, restaurants I have ate at, and wines I have tried. My plan is to lay out the facts and not obscenely ramble on and take your requests for recipes, wine, or travel.


  1. I was thinking about taking my girlfriend to Boston this weekend. Do you have any tips or suggestions?