Stone Creek, Cincinnati Ohio

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This is one of my favorite places to eat because...

A) They always have great weeknight drink specials ($5.00 premium martini Wednesday)
B) We always get the best service
C) The food is great and they change up the menu every few months!

Jay and I usually only eat here on Wednesdays because that's our "date night" and I can drink as many martinis as I want and not feel bad about the price. The food is great and we are always taken care of here. You do need to make reservations most of the time or you will be waiting an hour or more! (that's how good it is)
I will usually order a 7 field green salad and sub out the gorgonzola for blue cheese because they have the BEST blue cheese there and always ask for the fresh cracked pepper!! As far as dinner goes I haven't really had a bad dish there and don't be afraid if you don't like something they are always happy to replace it or take it off the bill for you. Below are some of the pictures of meals I have had here I will continue to add more to this post as Wednesdays pass :)

Below Tuscan Chicken and Chicken Scallopini

Spinach dip is amazing!! 

Cucumber Martini was so refreshing!! 


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