Moerlein Lager House Cincinnati, Ohio

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If you come to Cincinnati or already live here I highly recommend this place. There is a variety of events and beer tastings to attend here and it's right in the heart of Cincinnati. They capture the spirit of Cincinnati within their menu including pretzels with beer cheese, hot metts, and many other delicious German food options. However if you are not in the mood for German they do have a paella and hamburgers. I really liked it here we did make reservations but were about 45 minutes early and STARVING!! The place was packed but we managed to get a seat at the bar I noticed they had booths with views of the river but I was more concerned with the food. Jay had the dark lager while I had an IPA both draft and we were happy! The service was decent here it wasn't the best but it wasn't bad. Since we sat at the bar we had a quite a few people waiting on us which got confusing because one of the bartenders told us he couldn't help us. Other than that no complaints. I would love to come back here great food and great atmosphere.

I ordered the pretzels right off the bat who can resist the beer cheese!! So fluffy and warm I was happy with this menu item for sure. There was also a spicy grain mustard too but I didn't even try it!

We also got this meat and cheese platter they offer you can choose from like 5 cheeses and 5 meats. Then it automatically comes with saurkraut, pickles, and bread. I really liked this menu item, Jay and I like to just eat slowly and enjoy a nice pairing with beer so this was perfect! We got hot metts, and some kind of ham. Then the solid beer cheese and fresh mozzarella (my fave.)
Below is the corn chowder soup we ordered just a cup but it was COLD good flavor but COLD. No one likes cold soup! I was going to send it back but seeing as how it was only $3.00 and we had already ate alot we just pushed through the meal! 
Finale!!! Below is a picture of our filet with cheddar mashed potatoes. In addition to that is a side of asparagus, angry mac n' cheese with hot metts. (the mac n' cheese was amazing!) Mashed potatoes were gummy, dry, and overcooked. Steak was cooked to temp and the little shallots around it were tasty. I wish they put some parsley on the plate or something to make it look more appealing 0 points for presentation on this dish. 

That concludes my review for the Moerlein Lager House I would recommend anyone to go here. We got good service, good beer, good food at a decent price. You can't beat that. Just don't order the soup and you'll be fine ;) 


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