Whatever is in the fridge dinner

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Ok people I am 24 years old and have NEVER had my license. Living in a suburb that is near everything and having great supportive friends I haven't had the need for it. Always working in walking distances at restaurants meant even if I didn't have a ride to the grocery I still had food. To get to my point I always just buy random things at the grocery store and make something out of them. I usually try to pick what produce is in season and looks the best or pick up any cravings I had. Keeping my fridge stocked with long lasting items such as capers, olives, canned red peppers, and canned artichokes helps me be able to make more delicious meals at the drop of a hat.

This is what I made tonight below.

When I looked into my cupboard and saw an unopened box of noodles I decided to get creative. One of my favorite things to do is to make my own meals and recipes. Really I wanted to make something with a cream sauce but being as that I am going to Hawaii in 2 days I wanted to make it lighter. Looked in the fridge and saw capers, lemon, and onion. Super sweet cherry tomatoes I picked up the other day were an added bonus!! 

Firstly I boiled my white fiber barilla pasta about 2 servings worth. I envisioned this in my mind with a long noodle but this was all I had. For the sauce I melted a little butter and cooked my 1/2 onion with some garlic powder and dried Italian herbs. I added a little lemon zest and capers then the tomatoes and a decent size splash of some white wine. Let that reduce down until the tomatoes split. Add the pasta and let it all simmer together for a few minutes (the pasta will get a chance to absorb the sauce.) 

This sounds sad but I am a cheese lover and was out of cheese! I had some string cheese sticks in the fridge and I just broke up one of those and it melted beautifully in the pasta. 

Lastly I broke off some parsley and basil from my window plants and sprinkled that on top! Perfect dinner! 

Below is a picture of the sauce I had simmering


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