El Picoteo bar de tapas, San Juan Puerto Rico

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Jay (my boyfriend) and I are crazy when it comes to traveling. We always fly delta and I am not working right now, so when cheap tickets pop up we just pack our bags and go! This trip was perfect because we were able to rack up 18,000 miles for 2 days of travel including a 9 hour layover in LA where we rented a car and hung out at Venice Beach and we also had 2 nights in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Since we only had 2 days here and ended up sleeping mostly through the first day I was determined to find some good eats here in Puerto Rico. While we were walking I found this place on trip advisor it was an easy walk from Castillo Del Morro and perfect time for a light lunch. 

It's a little confusing when you first walk up it's more of a hang out, small plates kind of place. Everything is outside and it's set in a decorated patio full of green leaf plants all around it's very quiet. A perfect place for a causal lunch and drinks. We just asked someone who worked there where we should sit and they let us choose any table. I had a mojito first it was small for the $9 price tag after that I had a sangria that was OK. They have a decent menu like I said lots of small plates hence the tapas.

I thought this was pretty cool when we walked in they had this huge mass of melted candle wax. 

We ordered Chorizo and butter bread. 

Salad was traditional and had a herbed olive oil dressing. I added a lemon squeeze and it made it much better. 

These were the best!!! Fried Chorizo stuffed olives!!! I am going to attempt to make these sometime soon they were so good. I never thought to stuff olives with sausage then frying them ontop of that!! Amazing!! 

Bottom line I would come here again! I thought this was a really cute little lunch place. Not sure if they have a separate dinner menu? but I think its more of a lunch and cocktail outdoor lounge. It's really close to everything in Old World San Juan and a quiet cool place to hang out. A lot of the other places we passed by looked pretty questionable so if I came back I would walk the extra distance to come here! Another plus was that we had to walk pass this place on the way back so I was able to use the restroom a second time! Most places will charge you or not let you use the restroom unless you buy something and usually they are nasty. 


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