Love Lock Bridge, Paris France

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Update: 3/21/14- I will probably start a new post on this but just wanted to get this tid-bit out ASAP.
I don't know if we got lucky or what but the weather in Paris this past week was INCREDIBLE!! Nothing was busy it was actually even less busy than in November. Who would have thought? Oh and the trains were free!! We found our old love locks finally!! So we added these on. I wanted to post some links below of where to find the "cool" locks so just in case you ever make it back it will be easier to find! Now we have 3 locks linked together :) I am going to start a fun love lock bridge contest here soon! It involves locating our locks and there will be fun prizes!!

Updated: 11/8/13
-Jay and I went back to Paris this last week and we couldn't find our lock :( After speaking with some locals we were told that if you use the cheap locks they just come through and "prune" them. We were able to find most of the ones by where we had ours last year. Anyways I surprised Jay by getting a big heavy lock engraved. Good luck trying to get this one off the bridge!!

Love lock Bridge in Paris, france
Love lock Bridge in Paris, france

"We'll always have Paris"

I was one of those people who thought I would never get a chance to go to Paris but after losing my job my boyfriend decided to cheer me up in a late night email with a Paris itinerary leaving in 2 weeks! I was pretty much the happiest person on the planet! I called everyone I knew and stayed up till 7 AM doing research.

We had a few personal french lessons which helped a lot because I knew nothing of the language and wanted to have a small vocab out of respect. Even though in the end I would say it didn't matter french people really are just rude no matter if you speak the language or not it's still not good enough for them.

One of the things I found when I was researching was this "love lock bridge." A lot of times when I find cool things like this they are never near the city or where we are staying. I was excited to learn that the bridge was near the Louvre. I thought the idea of leaving a "love lock" in Paris of all places was sentimental and a fun symbol of love. I read online that the government took all of the locks off the bridge and like 3 weeks later the bridge was full of locks again so they just accept it now I guess. It didn't really specify what bridge and I still don't know if we were on the right one because there are locks on a lot of the bridges. I would recommend getting one engraved to take with you. The locks that were engraved looked really cool and obviously last longer than permanent marker.

With all of the walking you do in Paris it is easy to come across a love lock bridge we found several while we were there but since I forgot to purchase a lock we were lucky to come across some man selling them on the bridge. He will give you a marker, a lock, and 2 keys for about 10 euro. We then threw one key into the river and kept one for sentimental reasons. This was a fun little stop but you don't need to make a point to come here. Just go wherever you are going and you will come across a love lock bridge sooner than later.
Even though it wasn't that exciting at first it's fun to look back and say that we left our hearts locked on the bridge in Paris.

Love Lock Bridge Paris

Love Lock Bridge Paris

Love Lock Bridge Paris

Love Lock Bridge Paris


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