The Orginal Buzz's in Kailua Hawaii

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It all began when Jay magically got us upgraded into first class on our way to Hawaii!! This was my first time sitting in first class and I was so excited. One thing about first class is that there are a lot of cool people to talk to since it's quiet there and you get free alcohol. It's like a club hang out up there! We were talking to this guy who was from Kailua, Hawaii (where we were headed on Oahu.) We talked about the different islands and his living experiences here. Eventually he brought out this little gem near the beach called Buzz's its a local hangout definitely not very fancy. He said when he is home the family always gets together there for a good meal and they make a mean Mai Tai.

Of course after this I was determined to go and check the place out. I am always up for a Mai Tai pretty much anytime of the day while I'm in Hawaii but we went here for dinner. It's a cute little lit up wooden frame restaurant from street view and it just smells good there. When you look up there are blow fish lamps hanging from everywhere it's very original. Make sure you get a reservation here we came fairly late 8:00PM and had to wait about 20 minutes. 

Me being the nerd tech app geek that I am had to check in on Foursquare to pass the time by. 90% of the comments were about how strong the Mai Tais were and I mean I haven't met a mixed drink that I can't handle! Just sayin' Then I started coming across comments that said you could sit at Bill and Hilary Clinton's table!! Since we had already been waiting for a table I didn't want to ask or anything. 

The waiter calls our name and takes us to this little 2 top table in a quiet corner patio area. Normally I am the annoying person that would ask for a booth but I was hungry so we just sat down and it turns out we were sitting at Bill and Hilary's table! So that was pretty cool it made our dinner feel more special because I had figured people probably book that table in advance. 

The menu is some sort of wooden paddle it's way different from any other menu I have reviewed  before. There are also only a few choices but a lot of special fresh caught fishes they have to offer as well. If you order an entree it comes with the salad bar which has traditional salad options also some mixed local ingredient salads. I really liked that they had fresh avocado to offer. 

I ordered a Mai Tai right off the bat and that was the only one I needed! It is like straight alcohol just how I like it! In Hawaii they make Mai Tai's the right way! They use some kind of almond syrup, pineapple juice and a ton of rum! I would come back for these alone just wish they have some more fun menu items it's  pretty much a caveman menu. 

Jay ordered one of the fresh fish options. They have so many fish in Hawaii it's hard to keep up with them all. A lot of times we would just order it not knowing what it was! Ask the waiter to compare the texture of the fresh fish for you and it will be easier to make a selection.

I ordered the sirloin teriyaki style! Had I known about this baseball cut of meat they have I would have ordered that! When we got back to the house we were renting the guy was cleaning up outside and was like aww man you already went? Please tell me you got the baseball cut?? So yeah that's how I know it's good. So now we just have to go back sometime. 

I felt really good about the nutrition of this meal. We had great selection of salad bar a rainbow of veggies and we were only served with green beans for our meals. Trust me we were so full I could not have handled a baked potato at that point. 
Bill Clinton in Kailua Hawaii

Buzz's Kailua Hawaii

Buzz's Kailua Hawaii

Buzz's Kailua Hawaii

Bottom Line-- 
I enjoyed coming here. My steak was a little tough and cooked pretty much rare when I asked for it to be medium well. I enjoyed Jay's fish way more I could have switched him plates. Sure wish I would have known about this baseball cut of meat before we went. In the end I did enjoy the atmosphere and the salad bar. 


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