I made these Greek pita sandwiches that were AMAZING yesterday.

What I had on hand:
  • Fresh red pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Non-fat feta cheese
  • Red onion
  • Whole wheat pita pockets
  • Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus
  • Lemon

UPDATE: 3/31/13 ---> I made this again recently for my boyfriend (I always test things in my own kitchen first to make sure it's up to par when I make it for him) I made a couple changes by adding sun dried tomatoes and this time I actually used real cream (not much.) It also goes quicker if you cut the peppers in half to roast them my updated pictures are at the bottom of this blog. You can see the sauce is a little lighter than the last time.

Since I have had so much time to myself at home I have been trying to cook new things to blog about. Once again since I cannot drive I took a look in the fridge and saw 2 and a half red peppers and instantly became inspired. After some serious googling I came across a recipe for Red Pepper Pasta and when I read the recipe I decided I could wing it and make a healthier version for myself. To make this meatless just leave out the meat :)