Rhinestone Phone Case

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I have always loved every thing bedazzled and recently starting making these phone cases to pass by the time. I am getting compliments and requests everywhere which is sort of giving me the idea of selling them to people!

Tell me would you pay for a phone case like this? They could be made for any type of phone and almost any theme you can think of!!

Please comment below if you have any suggestions or were interested in getting one :)

Thank you my bedazzle lovers :)

The case below I made for Napa Valley!!! I think it's super cute and I left some loose chains so it's fun to carry around! 

This one I made for my trip to Hawaii!! The star fish is from an old forever21 necklace I had so it's one of a kind :) 

This was my first phone case I ever made!! It is for an HTC Evo 4G. I loved it so much!! 

This case is very special to me because a lot of my old and lost jewelry is on here. The white rose near the top is from an old ring that broke. The bottom right is a broken necklace piece. The owls are earrings I picked up at forever21 and the cameo style piece is a lost earring. All found a home on my phone case :) 


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