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Welcome to the most American wine on earth (it's grown almost nowhere else)!

I tend to be more favorable of California wines because I have been there so many times and they are easier for me to choose vs. a french wine because you actually know what varietal you are buying. Zinfandel is one of my favorite red wines because most of the time it has an added spice that a Merlot or Cab will not have. I prefer the ones with notes of berry and chocolate with the added spice. The jam flavor it can have really pairs well with a lot of foods. They won't get too sweet however because the spice cuts it down a bit.

I would eat any steak with a Zinfandel don't let people tell you should really have a Cab you should have whatever you want!
Bbq is another one of my favorite Zinfandel pairings. There are only a few wineries I buy which I will mention below and they seem to have the perfect contrast to any smoked bbq foods. I love it with hamburger, pulled pork, or ribs.
Another reason why I love it is for the fact that it's a quick drinking wine. This is not a varietal you would want to age or store away. All the better for me! Sometimes I feel bad opening some of our wines because I know they are so good and we will only have 1 bottle left but we buy the wine to drink it right? If you age a bottle of wine for too long it can sometimes become rancid or "corked" basically meaning it will taste too disgusting to drink.

Seghesio Zinfandel-

It all started when I got into an argument with my boyfriend. He works on the weekends to help his clients and it really annoys me. I ended up getting drug with him on one of his assignments because his clients computer was broken on a Saturday and we had just finished lunch together. After arguing the entire way there we pull up to this beautiful mansion and Jay takes me downstairs to meet this guy. He doesn't say anything and walks me into his beautifully manicured wine cellar and pulls out a bottle of this and says "Thanks for coming with Jay I need his help for a few minutes go upstairs and open this." I was like yee-haw!! Free wine in the middle of a day on a Saturday not to mention GOOD wine in a beautiful house! Suddenly I was not upset anymore I was curious as to why I am not invited on more computer mishaps! The wine is amazing to me it is the perfect example of everything I enjoy in a Zinfandel. One thing I did read up on is that you should drink these as you buy them. Zinfandel's do not age as well as Cab's or Merlot's. At $17.99 a bottle I don't think you can go wrong.  Bottom line this is my favorite Zinfandel so far and my go-to red wine. You can give this as a gift and people will think they are getting something special. It's delicious and tastes expensive so people will think you splurged when you didn't.

Cline Zinfandel- 
Ok people go ga-ga over this wine. Honestly I don't get it. Not a bad wine but there is nothing overly special about this wine. You can find it anywhere and your not paying $10.00 for the ancient vines that you think your getting either. They don't have any other good wines here either. I have been to their tasting room. What a lot of people don't know is that the Cline family owns a smaller family winery right across the street called Jacuzzi (they are more Italian wines) but they are better. I don't know if they have a Zinfandel but it's worth a stop or a taste. Bottom line I'd rather spend the extra $$ and get the one I enjoy but I will drink this if I don't recognize anything else. 

Here below I am at the Jacuzzi family vineyards. As you can tell its a very happy place :) 


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