Guilt Free-Late Night Hummus Snackers

If I don't go to bed early (which is almost never) I always get the late night munchies!! It's so bad to eat before bedtime and I always feel so guilty afterwards. I spend a lot of time thinking of small healthy snacks I can make as low-cal and low-carb as I can. Then I came up with these little guys, I'm sure there is a similar recipe out there somewhere but 100% came up with this specific recipe right out of my own fridge!!

These are also an easy appetizer to make for your skinny girlfriends or bring to a party :)

Call it whatever you want but this is a delicious snack for anytime of the day! They pair amazingly with an ice cold glass of lemon water.
Cucumber-hummus-veggie chips-
-Hummus (any flavor)
-Jar of roasted red peppers (or diced fresh bell pepper)
-Feta Cheese crumbles (I buy fat free you can't even tell)
-Lemon (optional)

Basically this is the most simple thing ever. Slice enough cucumber slices as you want. Top with a small amount of hummus (trader joe's cilantro jalepeno hummus is amazing.) Get a roasted pepper and slice it up into bite size pieces (or you can tear it.) Put some feta cheese crumbles on the hummus then add the roasted peppers. Squeeze a little lemon juice over all of them and enjoy :)

Guilt Free-Late Night Hummus Snackers
Guilt Free-Late Night Hummus Snackers (low carb)

As long as you have hummus and cucumbers you can make creative variations of this :)
-Put inside a toasted pita pocket for a sandwich (add chicken?)
-Roasted tomatoes
-Red Onion
-Make your own roasted red peppers
-Olive oil drizzle
-Black Pepper
-Cayenne Pepper
-Tahini drizzle
-Sun Dried tomatoes
-Roasted Garlic cloves
-Pine Nuts

What a happy healthy snack :)


  1. This is great for people watching their weight! Like my partner. Beats munching on a stick of celery. I'm going to make this and surprise her.  ┢┦aΡpy

    1. Great idea she will be so delighted!! If you have any other low-carb guilt free snacks feel free to message me on my facebook account or leave comments!! I am always looking for new things to try!!