15 minute Green Bean Casserole in a Skillet

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One of my favorite dishes to make from my childhood is this "Green Bean Casserole in a Skillet" I don't really know what else to call it. I have searched high and low to see if this is an actual real recipe but I can't find anything exact so I'll write about it. When I was little we would go over to my Aunt Sue's house all the time and she was a vegetarian. Most of the meals she made for us were with no meat only carbs, veggies, and fruit. She always made this dish for us and I loved it so much I learned how to make it. It was actually one of the first stove top meals I ever cooked on my own. My Dad just called me today asking me how to make this so I thought to make it easier I would just make a post about it. Here you go Dad......

This dish is SO simple that's why I love it and you can make a lighter version of it as well. Just use less butter and cheese (but it's not as good.) The best part about this is that I always have all of the ingredients on hand and I'll use frozen or canned beans for this recipe. This is my Go To dinner the fact that I can be eating a yummy hot dish in 15 minutes always excites me!!! A great idea for a quick dinner to serve this with a roasted chicken from the grocery store or mac and cheese as a second side dish.

 I have read about people lightly cooking a large amount of fresh green beans at the beginning of the week. Then keeping them in the fridge through the week as a base for a veggie side dish. You could use them for a recipe that called for canned green beans. Fresh is always better this is the only time I will ever eat canned veggies only because it tastes like childhood but I've made this with all 3 kinds of green beans. However I think the frozen kind come out perfectly with this dish vs. the canned.
(Fresh green beans would have to be pruned and cooked ahead of time)

-milk or half and half
-green beans (canned/frozen - thaw out before cooking.) (Fresh- steamed ahead of time)
-cheese (any kind shredded)
-flour (just a pinch) (teaspoonish size.)
Add In's
Dry or Fresh onions (cook fresh onions ahead of time)
Mushrooms (cook ahead of time)
Leftover Mushroom soup or leftover mushroom topping from steak dinner

Start with a large pan on medium to low heat.
Melt about a table spoon of butter per can or bag of beans. -(if your not worried about calories.. More butter = more better)

Put a few pinches of flour per table spoon of melted butter.
Move around in pan with spatula until it mixes.
Drain beans and add to pan.
Cook them until they are hot.
Add about 1/4 cup of milk or enough to cover the bottom of the pan.
Remember you can always add more if you want but you can't take away.
Add any add in's at this time and mix.
Bring pan down to a simmer and top with cheese.
Let this sit until the cheese melts then you can eat! The cheese will melt quicker if you cover it.

Best Green Bean Casserole
(shown made with fresh green beans with mushrooms and dried onions added)


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