How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas

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Normally when I make Mexican food I usually make some form of tacos either with pulled chicken breast, beef, ground turkey, ground chicken or a mix of all these. I have made them so many times it's just boring and let's be honest tacos are something a child can make. It's time to step it up a notch people!! I love nothing more than going out to those little "Not-so-authentic" Mexican restaurants and ordering the ginormous sizzle fajitas with all the fixings. This left me thinking you know what? Tacos are boring and I'm pretty sure I can pull together a Fajita dinner and I can surely make a margarita 100 times more amazing. With that being said this post is pure gold. How to make the best fajitas EVVVEEERRR!!! Seriously, no joke.

How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas

**Don't forget to put on your Prince Royce Pandora station for the real deal experience**

First of all I googled about 20 Fajita recipes and they all sucked. Calling for those taco seasoning packets and cooking your vegetables before your meat? Figured I've made enough stir-fry meals to figure this out on my own so I went into this unsure of how they would turn out and now it's my new favorite go-to recipe. I've made them twice now so I know it's a win. Keep in mind there is a lot of chopping and slicing involved so you can do this ahead of time or even the day before to make it a quick meal. If your bad with a knife a lot of grocers have fresh pre-sliced veggies just please do not by frozen peppers and onions or your meal will taste like a freezer burned grandma dinner.

I always buy from the Farmer Market every week the red peppers are extra sweet and juicy :) Don't worry about separating the onions they will break apart during cooking.
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

Grocery List: (get your produce ahead of time at the farmer market)
-Flat Iron Steak- Most of the ones in my store are around a pound. You could use skirt or flank steak but they are way more fatty and not as tender. Surely Filet Mignon would also work well here but I don't see the point in spending $28 for fajita meat.
-Both Red and Green Peppers
-Red Onion or white (Get 2 if you really like onions)
-Soft Tortillas (skip the tortillas if you want to be healthier)
-Fresh Oregano (Seriously do not use the dried stuff!! You will have extra herb left so make a spaghetti sauce or something that week and freeze it.)
-Fresh Garlic (just one crushed clove for marinating meat)
-Limes- for squeezing on top of the meat after it's cooked.
-Homemade Taco Seasoning
-Some kind of yummy Mexican cheese!! Queso Fresco, Asadero, and Monterey Jack are good choices.
-Your fave salsa.
-Maybe Sour Cream
-Cilantro (you probably should make guacamole with this because you won't need much I use leftover to sprinkle on top of the meal before serving.)
-Cast Iron Pot
-Large Zip-lock bag
-TEQUILA!!! (for drinking after you get your chopping done)

This is really easy: 

  • Slice steak into thin strips
  • Put steak into large zip-lock bag with 1/4-1/3 cup of taco seasoning (start with less then add more if needed)
  • Add peeled crushed garlic clove to bag along with chopped fresh oregano leaves about a tablespoon worth.
  • Let sit on counter top to marinate while you do your chopping, drink, make guac, or get a sun tan. The meat needs to marinate for at least an hour and you don't want to put cold meat in your hot pan. So just leave it on the counter if you want delish tender steak later.
  • Cut bell peppers into equal size strips and do the same for the onion. Amounts are up to you.
  • 1 hour later
  • Cook steak to medium on a medium hot pan, take it out into a bowl, and keep it covered while the veggies are cooked. 
  • Add veggies to steak juice. If there is no steak juice add some butter. Add some fresh oregano leaves and mix. 
  • Turn down the heat and put a lid on the veggies stirring occasionally until they are cooked tender. 
  • Add the meat to warm it back up.
  • Serve! 

**Leftovers if there are any should be saved for emergency late night quesadillas!!

For my Guac, pico, and Margarita Recipe go here:

Can't go wrong with Guac and Pico 
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

I just cover the steak with a foil or plate and set it near my veggie pot.
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

Cook veggies in steak juice.. YUM!!! 
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

After they have been cooking with lid on for awhile.
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

Add beef back to the mix.
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

Stir. Then get really excited about it!! 
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe

Final Product
How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe


How to Make the Best Steak Fajitas recipe


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