How to Travel Like a Jetsetter on a Coach Class Budget.

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Ok guys I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited about this post!! The idea came to me as I was logging into my Delta account seeing all of the trips Jay and I have planned and all of the trips we have already been on. Let's be honest everyone gets caught up in the stress of traveling and forgets to be FABULOUS!!! I'm going to try to break it down for you in this post I will focus on how to be fabulous and frugal during traveling. Look and feel like a million bucks when your tired, over traveled, and on a budget.

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-What to pack for an adventurous Europe trip.
-Can a diva travel all carry-on?
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Rule #1----If you are taking an hour flight to Florida or an 8 hour flight to Paris you should still look fabulous at all times.
This means:
-Don't drink too much and be a sloppy mess....or bring eye drops and gum to cover it up ;)
-Wear a fabulous outfit. I usually wear this black maxi dress I got for $15 at forever 21 and a fun statement necklace, large earrings, or a big floppy sun hat.

How to be a Jetsetter
(Fabulous outfit with my sandals from Capri. Traveling in a Maxi dress is like wearing a nightgown!!)

-Have a backup outfit in case you spill something on yourself. (or pack a tide pen)

How to be a Jetsetter
(backup outfit with flats that I know will not blister my feet also the shirt is a light breathable fabric that's not constricting) This outfit will need to go in your carry-on. 

-Wear cute shoes that you can walk far in like a mid-heel or a wedge.

These are my go to wedges for traveling they stay on my feet and I've never had a blister issue with these. 
Made by Adrienne Vittadini.
How to be a Jetsetter

-Pack a flat pair of shoes to wear if your feet hurt or blister. (to prevent blisters in shoes it helps if you rub deodorant along where you usually get the blisters.. It really does work)
-Keep a pair of socks handy through security so your not barefoot through the metal detector and for resting on the plane.

This is much more appropriate than just letting your feet hang out even if they don't smell. Please put on real shoes before using the bathroom they can get rather ripe on those long haul flights.
How to be a Jetsetter in economy comfort

-Put your jewelry on after you go through security. To prevent appearing as an amateur (Then all of the well traveled business men will be giving you the evil eye.)
-Don't wear a lot of makeup. Especially eye makeup. (learned this the hard way I woke up during the flight looked like a raccoon.)
-Bring a moist towelette pack to refresh and apply new makeup before the plane lands.
-Bring lotion (this is a MUST) the airplane is SO DRY!! Maybe if your extra fancy you'll have that Evian spray.
-Stay HYDRATED!!! I always buy a bottle of water after security to stay hydrated. This is especially important if your drinking. So many people forget to stay hydrated and end up feeling sluggish or get headaches. Although depending on what country you are coming from they might make you throw away the bottle of water you just bought before you board the plane. It's happened to me a few times.

Rule #2--- Find yourself some cute and functional luggage. is a great place to find cheap and good quality luggage. I got a DVF set for $300 and it came with 4 pieces. It is a fabulous set and makes me feel good having all my matching stuff surrounding me and it makes you look more put together.

dvf luggage How to be a Jetsetter

-Don't get a bright color or patterned luggage it will get dirty, scratched, tossed around and looks trashy. Then you'll be sorry you didn't listen to me.
-If you get plain black luggage find a cute luggage tag or pretty ribbons to attach so your not pulling every black bag off the carousel. Rhinestones are OK here.
-Make sure you get a 21" carry on bag that expands. 21" is the largest they will allow on the plane but if you make it through security with the bag they will check it for free if it won't fit on the plane. I've only had to check mine a few times though usually the flight attendant will help you shove it up there. Or since you look so fabulous the guy who looks like a football player will help you :) The expand option is important because I feel like you can shove almost twice as much stuff in it and they won't check this bag for weight.

Rule #3- Getting to the airport early has it's perks. Take advantage of the airline lounges! 
-Getting to the airport early means you will have time to sort through your things and get prepared for security and the flight. A true jetsetter just breezes through security because they know all the rules. Be prepared to have your bag searched by staying organized.
-Don't be scared to join to the airline lounges they are gods gift to airports!!
-I can't say the following is true for any other airline than delta but we pay around $35 a month for 1 person and your allowed to bring a guest for free so you just need to get one to share with your travel partner. Or if your not a world traveler you can buy a one time pass for $25. I think it's worth it.
-This includes: Healthy snack options, junk food options, free alcohol drinks, wine, beer, quiet rooms, countless plugs, public computers and printers, and large comfy chairs. The international terminal lounges have showers with a wide collection of toiletries, better food options, and better seating arrangements.

This is the Chicago Delta Sky club it still has a DIY bar most of them have a full service bar where you feel obligated to tip or enticed by a drink for purchase.

Shower in LAX Delta terminal.
lax sky club

-Now.... Compare this to what you would spend eating at a restaurant waiting for your flight? With the way I drink it would be about $40 plus just for myself. The restaurants are more expensive and usually horribly unhealthy anyways.
-With that being said airline lounges are a good thing for us. Your away from the hustle of the airport with free drinks and snacks and you feel like a jetsetter because you get to go in the private club ;) When really your paying just $17 a person.
-You can leave a few minutes before boarding show up right on time feeling fresh and walk right onto the plane looking amazing.

Rule #4--- Stay loyal to 1 airline and get their credit card- 

-There are all kinds of extra perks once you reach a certain status on an airline, such as better seat selections (exit rows are free,) flights bought with miles, first class upgrades, early boarding, priority luggage tags, special line for security, and just better customer service all around. When people know you are loyal with their company they want to keep it that way.
-Make sure to join your airlines mile program and double check your mile bank when you get home from a trip sometimes our miles have been miss counted.
-If you get your airlines credit card it also includes many perks such as a boost on your qualifying status miles, early boarding, or even possible upgrades!! That has jetsetter written all over it!!

Proud of this!!!

Rule #5- Get a good deal on a fabulous hotel or rental. 
-If you know someone who works for a chain hotel they usually can get you some kind of discount or possible upgrade for less! Or use one of the many discount hotel websites but always check with the hotel's website itself to make sure your actually getting a good deal.
-When you get there always ask if there are upgrades available they might be willing to rent you the presidential for an extra $50 a night which is worth it in my book! It never hurts to ask it's happened to us before and there is nothing more fabulous than being on the top floor of the hotel with all the amenities!!
-NEVER drink out of the mini-bar.. get off your lazy bum, put on something fabulous go out and explore until you find a place that sells snacks and drinks!!
-Check out the home rental websites for openings. A lot of people are willing to haggle with you, what I did is write a nice email saying "We are non-smokers, no pets, no kids, looking for a relaxing get-a-way can we talk about price?" I copied and pasted that to about 20 places and we got quite a few responses saying we can lower the price. Just make sure you pay with something traceable like a credit card in case the deal goes sour!

Rule #6- Hire a Driver
-If you're already willing to pay for a taxi to or from the airport, you might want to upgrade to a private car. Sometimes for not a whole lot more, you can skip the long cab line at the airport and be whisked away in style instead.
-If you're taking a cab do your homework and find out how much you should be paying. Abroad they will try to over charge you by a lot and that's not very frugal of you to just throw out your money like that. So BE AWARE. (Another reason to hire a driver)
-About the subways and buses.. Just don't. Not from the airport. Your a jetsetter remember?
-If you are renting a car and you don't know where your going please invest in the GPS offered with the car and save the hassle!
-If you are having problems finding a driver call up your hotel and they will help you.
-Sometimes your driver will end up being your new best friend and you can go out for an authentic experience of the city! Almost all taxi drivers are grumpy and anti-social.

Jay and Ihsan in Istanbul, Turkey. I was the only woman in this restaurant and it was awesome.
How to be a Jetsetter in Istanbul

This is us at lunch we had a blast together!! 
How to be a Jetsetter in Istanbul

Rule #7-  Don't forget to get your passport stamped!!
-Some countries they do not need to stamp your passport to let you through. You will have to ask them to stamp it when you walk through the line. Others you will have to purchase a visa sticker in order to get through passport control. Please keep this in mind and be prepared!! A true jetsetter knows what they are doing!!
-The more stamps you have the happier you will be :)
How to be a Jetsetter

Rule #8- BE ACTIVE!!! 
-Do not spend lounge time at the hotel!! Lounge at an outdoor cafe' or get a beer at the local pub.
-Get up early and explore!! The more you see the better you will feel.
-Opt for the hotel breakfast or pack some granola bars to get out earlier. We have made oatmeal with the coffee pot before in the hotel! (one perk to renting a place over a hotel is that you would have the kitchen to cook) If your are interested leave me a comment below and I will give you my go-to grocery list to make breakfast, lunch and or snacks on a budget in any country.
-I don't care how tired and home-sick you are there is no reason to let yourself go over that. Your going to have to look at these pictures for the rest of your life so get up a half hour early and do your hair even if you don't want to.

If there is nothing planned go on a HIKE!! This is in Hawaii on a lava field.
How to be a Jetsetter in Hawaii

That's it folks!! Pretty simple things you can do to feel fabulous!!! Now get to traveling!!

Want people to think that you are a true jetsetter? Jay and I took advantage of a 9 hour layover left the airport for a Venice Beach adventure!! You can read about that on my post here ------------------------------>


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