Teller's in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

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For those of you who haven't been to Cincinnati Hyde Park it's a cute little town to check out. It's happening but not overly congested and it's pleasant to walk off your dinner on a nice summer day. (great shopping too) We always park a little farther away from the square for that reason so we are forced to walk it off after we eat.

Teller's is located in the heart of the Hyde Park square in a historic old savings and loan building turned restaurant in 1995. You can actually request to sit in the old vault they have turned into a private dining room.

The menu is always fresh and changing with new and delicious options. They used to have a Mango Chicken Asian dish served with brown rice. Now for their chicken dish they offer a half roasted chicken served with potatoes and carrots. Who knows what the menu will be when you go!! Also be on the lookout for the daily specials. I once had a salad there as a special and since then they have added it to their menu! So make sure if you really like something to speak up!! They will listen to you!!! They also have things they have kept on the menu for years like the Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls.  I'm not personally a big fan of these but I see people ordering them all the time. Probably because they pair better with a craft beer not a Cabernet. They are very accommodating too, sometimes Jay will just ask the chef to make him something or I completely want to edit my dish they will do it.

***Sunday is half priced wine night so if your a wineo (like me) then this is a very good thing! They have a really nice wine selection too at least over 100 bottles to choose and many by the glass options. We normally order the Kuleto Cabernet because it's a smaller winery we visit in Napa but most of them are good bottles. Seghiso Zinfandel is another good one on their wine list and it's cheaper than the Kuleto :) 

Teller's of Hyde Park

Sometimes they have a "special" starter salad that sounds really good so I will order that with blackened meat on top. This salad has green beans, arugula, sweet walnuts, pickled onions, roasted tomatoes, and some kind of cheese (thinking feta.) I ordered it with blackened chicken and it wasn't the best salad I ever had but it was still pretty good. The Avocado Chick Pea Salad is the best salad I've ever had in my life. No joke.

Teller's of Hyde Park

Jay ordered the Salmon Special with a horseradish cream sauce and fried green tomatoes. He didn't want to be in the picture but said the salmon was worth ordering! 

Teller's of Hyde Park
Happy my dinner has arrived!! A mini bottle prosecco is a great way to share a starter drink with your lover or friend too ;) 

Teller's of Hyde Park

Always for dessert from here I have a Chocolate martini!! I ask them to add Frangelico and it's perfect! 

Bottom line: It is a little pricey $$$ to eat here but Jay and I love it. We are always treated kindly and given good service. The food is on point and the beer and wine selection is superb. It's also located in Hyde Park which is nice to walk around and shop so I say it's a winner!!!!

Teller's of Hyde Park
Picture of the menu from a Beer Pairing dinner we went to at Teller's :) 

Caprese salad special
Teller's of Hyde Park


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