The Best Guacamole EVER!!! (and beginners tips)

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Growing up I never ate guacamole because it is just a weird green color and mushy. I always thought it tasted like that paste you use in elementary school. The real problem was I wasn't using QUALITY ingredients, I was using that processed avocado crap that you buy in a bag loaded with preservatives because everyone told me "it doesn't turn brown." yuck! No wonder people don't like guac!

Let me tell you something, using fresh avocados is the ONLY way to make delicious guac. If you make a bunch and let it sit out for hours it probably will turn a little brown. No big deal!! Just stir it up and the flavor will not be tainted! (mine never lasts that long anyways.)

First of all I can't exactly just lay out a flat recipe for you with simple instructions because everyone likes their guac a little different. For this post I am going to give you some bullet points and guidelines including some great tips and fun add in's! At the end of this you might need a drink so I've left you with my personal "skinny" margarita recipe at the bottom. I think it's the best :) 

Grocery List:
3- Semi-Hard Avocados
1-Small Red Onion (at least a 1/2 cup worth and it needs to be a RED onion not the white ones)
1-Small Jalapeno (unless you like it REALLY spicy!) 
1-Bunch of fresh Cilantro (Don't even think about using the dried stuff!) 
1-Juicy lime
1-Juicy lemon
Kosher Salt (iodized or sea salt just isn't the same) 
-Tortilla Chips or Jicama is a healthier choice (pain in the butt to cut though) 
-Potato Masher 

When you get home lay out all of your produce and set up your prep station.
-Cutting Board
-Sharp Knife
-Kitchen Towel
-Damp Kitchen Towel (fold in half and place under the cutting board to prevent sliding)
-Counter-top garbage bowl or bag for produce waste. 

Everything needs to be washed except for the onions. Then you want to start getting your chopping done, dice the onion, dice the jalapeno and cut through your cilantro. 
As far as amounts go for 3 medium size avocados I shoot for:
1/2- more or less cup of onions and cilantro
1-2 TSP of jalapenos
Heavy lime and lemon squeeze
At least a teaspoon of salt but I usually put more.

Next cut the avocados and shell them out into a mixing bowl you'll want to mash these like your making mashed potatoes. I try to whip it up a little bit so it lasts longer while still leaving some chunky pieces. 
You want to mash the avocados plain first because the potato masher can bruise all of your beautifully cut produce and possible change the balance of flavor we have created :) 
Now add all of the ingredients into the bowl and mix with a silicone spatula so you can scrape out every last bit into your serving dish! Make sure to taste as you go before you serve! 

Wahlah!!! YUM!! 

-For overnight storage bang the bowl or pan gently on the table a few times to get out all air bubbles, smooth it out and cover literally touching the guac so no air is trapped inside. Then wrap it again with a second layer of plastic. In the morning you can either mix it up or scrape off the brown layer.
-Easy way to cut avocados
-Knowing how to dice perfect onions is very important I will post my own video of how to do it the best since I couldn't find one that does it like me. It looks more uniform in the guac and gives a more even flavor. You don't want someone biting into a quarter sized onion! It also makes my life so much easier now that I can dice a whole onion in under 1 minute! 
-For jalapenos This video skips a few first steps. First cut off the stem then cut the jalapeno in half longways. Then slice tiny matchsticks longways and the video picks up here.
-When shopping for your avocados you don't want them firm like an apple but more of a peach. Feel for something that has a little squish to it but doesn't feel rotten? 
-When working with Jalapenos you might have to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin. If not PLEASE do NOT forget to wash your hands well with soap after. I forgot to wash my hands once and ended up with spicy eyeballs for 6 hours not fun!! If jalapenos are too spicy for you gut out the white part with the seeds and cut into tiny pieces. This will give you flavor without startling heat! 
-If you buy tomatoes at the grocery you will have all the ingredients to make pico-de-gallo! Just cut extra ingredients and add it all into a bowl of diced tomatoes!! It's that easy! (leftovers of this salsa is great in eggs the following morning!) 
-Fun add-in's: Mango, Habanero pepper, tomatoes, sour cream, garlic, pineapple, Tabasco sauce (especially the green bottle,) chili powder, cayenne pepper, tomatillio chunks or puree', corn, black beans, jicama, and bacon is good in everything ;) 

Obviously where there is guac there are Margaritas!! My favorite "skinny" margarita recipe is as follows:
-Get a bartender shaker
-Fill glass with ice (fill ingredients in glass so you don't over measure)
-1 part silver tequila
-1 part orange liqueur (get Cointreau) 
-1 half lime squeezed and dropped in shaker
-1 half orange sqeezed 
-1 sugar or splenda packet (a splash of lemonade, sprite, agave nectar, or orange juice is good too!)
-1 tiny sprinkle of kosher salt
-1 Spring of cilantro

Pour all of this into shaker and shake it like it's what ya momma gave ya! 
-Put kosher salt on plate
-rim glass with lime wedge
-stick glass in salt
-fill with ice
-pour from shaker!! 
:) :) :)

-There's a good chance it might be a little strong for you, just add another half orange squeeze or use less tequila.

Seriously this is one of my FAVORITE drinks to make!! It's strong and made with fresh ingredients!!
I've made some with a jalapeno slice and mango juice that was good too!! Have fun with it! Make your own thing! 


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