What to pack for Greece beach and sight-seeing trip

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This post is going to be about how I pack for a Greece beach trip with days of hiking through old historical sights. It's a 12 day trip total with 5 hotel changes:
1 night in Chicago
3 nights in Stoupa
4 nights in Sparta
3 nights in Athens
1 night in Chicago

In order to keep this trip as stress free as possible I'll have to keep my stuff organized. Being prepared for TSA searches and 5 hotel changes. This means packing enough without over-packing. If you have read any of my blog posts before you should know I'm not the type of girl who is going to attempt a 12 day trip to Europe all carry-on washing my clothes in the sink but I won't pack more than I can handle. I'll have a 21" expandable carry on suitcase with a briefcase size purse to take with me on the plane. Then I'll have my medium size suitcase as my checked bag.

What to pack for a beach vacation
<3 this luggage set!!! 

I always pack for EVERY trip in my checked luggage: a few extra large zip lock bags, safety pins, mini sewing kit, light-weight wine key, lighter, light-weight flashlight, a mess of OTC pills including the ones for diarrhea and allergies, headphone spliter so Jay and I can watch movies together, travel tissues, travel febreeze is a MUST for the hotel bathroom it is not romantic when someone gets food poisoning and there's no fan in the room, a few band-aids and ointment, a light-weight pocket knife (good for cutting fruit or cheese in the hotel,) then always a freshly washed blanket from home!! This is not necessary but something personal to me as you travel from hotel to hotel it's nice to have a little piece of home to sleep with. I would only bring that on the week or longer trips it really helps when I'm feeling home sick. Lastly it's good to have some kind of laundry detergent you can put those tide pods in a zip lock bag or get some trial packs. One time we had to do laundry and the detergent was almost 10 EUROS for 1 load worth after that I feel like it never hurts to have them on hand.

Random Packing Tips:
  • Pack your own sunscreen they will jack up the prices wherever you are going. I always burn so I also back Solercaine it works wonders. If anyone knows where to find a travel size bottle let me know :) 
  • Pack more socks and underwear than you think you need. ALWAYS!!!
  • Pack a change of clothes and 1 swimsuit in your carry-on in case you spill something on yourself or your bag gets lost. The swim suit is for a cruise since they deliver your luggage later you won't have to wait to get your tan on! 
  • Buy the packing cubes from e-bags they will keep you organized especially if your bag gets searched.

What to pack for a beach vacation
  • Try to pick either brown or black to wear on the trip so all your clothes are interchangeable and match.
  • Throw a couple bounce sheets in the suitcase. They weigh nothing and have multiple functions. First is that your luggage stays fresh!! Second is a bug repellent if you surprisingly encounter a mosquito or bug problem you can rub the bounce sheet on your body and keep it tied on your purse or in your pocket and it will help keep them away!! 
  • Don't forget to leave room for shopping!!! I will usually pack a compact light weight duffel bag (gym bag size) in my suitcase that I can check on the way home. This creates less stress and less wear and tear on your luggage and you'll have something to level out if your bag is over weight.
  • I always pack a swim suit. Never know when you'll come across a fabulous pool or hot tub.
  • Pack a compact Umbrella that will fit in your purse.
For shoes I would pack:
  • A crappy pair of flip flops (for the sand walking)
  • A nice pair of sandal heels that I can walk on cobblestone with. (dinner or lunches)
  • Flat glitzy sandals (for the pool) 
  • Water Shoes (if your expecting a rocky beach)
  • Walking Shoes that are not Gym Shoes. (for sight seeing)
  • Neutral color stilettos (that match everything but do NOT wear them on cobblestone)
  • Gym shoes (I always pack these regardless of what's planned. You'll probably want to pack a pair your are comfortable walking in the dirt with.)
  • Honestly I'd probably pack a few more pairs but those are the basics.
For favorite products:
  • Get little travel jars from the grocery store. I have also found them at Sephora and forever 21.
  • You can fill up the little spray bottles and jars with all of your favorite products! Make sure to pack them in a zip lock back or you can get the fancy Vera Bradley bags they are lined with water proof fabric so you can store liquids inside. 
    What to pack for a beach vacation

  • I just bring my regular routine makeup plus one fun item like fake eye-lashes, bright eye shadow, or glitter lotion.
  • Target and Meijer's have great travel product selections. 
  • Always bring a travel set of wet towelettes and keep them with you everywhere you go. Never know when you might be peeing on the side of the road or unable to wash your hands before lunch. 
  • The goal here is to take as little as possible keeping it compact as possible. 
  • I always bring my straighter and I'll bring the curling iron for a longer trip but never a blow dryer. Most hotels have blow dryers. 
  • Don't forget your hair brush!! For some reason that's the one thing I always forget!!  
  • I always bring my Venus razor and it's important to pop off the head of the razor and roll it in tissue or something I just put it back in the little disposable pack it comes in razor side down.In the past I have cut my thumb open multiple times because the razor was poking out of my bag when I went to zip it or I was pushing things down in my suitcase and cut the side of my hand open.
  • Lots and lots of hair flowers for a beachy trip!! I'll pick real ones to wear if I see them. Pack them in a zip-lock or zip up travel bag. 
  • Lots and lots of statement jewelry!! Try to pick pieces that aren't heavy!! 
  • If you wear and want to bring a lot of jewelry please invest in this piece. It has changed my life in traveling with jewelry!! You'll want to pack this in your carry-on also so nothing breaks or bends. It looks the same way on the back so you can pack up to 90 pieces of jewelry!! Best $10 I've ever spent. You just roll it up from the bottom to pack and I'll hang it in the closet at the hotel for easy access!!
What to pack for a beach vacation

  • Scarves are awesome if your going somewhere cold or conservative!! 
  • Beach bag and maybe a float!! If I bring a float I'll blow it up there and give it to a little kid or someone on my last day. 
  • Sunglasses- I buy cheap sunglasses so.. on amazon you can order the little fabric sleeves to pack them in to prevent scratching. 
Clothes: I don't really pack "day per day" outfits because I never know what I'll feel like wearing and a little extra is a good thing. It's when a little extra turns into an extra suitcase that is the problem.

If I had to dress in one style for the rest of my life it would be fabulous beach bum babe style (whatever that is) so I always over-pack for my beach vacations. I try to double up cover-ups as dinner dresses wearing a pretty bra underneath if it's see-through and lots of jewelry to dress it up. If your having dinner by the beach you can totally get away with this and it's a hot look you can dress down during the day. I always end up packing about 10 swimsuits but you need at LEAST 2 or 3. I say that because if your letting your suit air-dry you won't have to put a wet one back on. The third one would be a one piece in case your having a fat day or a snorkel suit (an old or cheap bikini). So many of my expensive suits have been snagged on the coral so keep that in mind.

  • Tank Tops- I pack basically every tank top I own which is about 10-15. They are light-weight and you can wear them alone on a hot day or underneath another shirt to keep you warm on a cool day. They are easily dressed up with accessories and heels for a dinner outfit as well. 
  • Bottoms- I'm a huge legging fan so I pack a bunch of leggings about 5 pairs, 1 pair of jean shorts, and 1 pair of fabric gym shorts. If it's cold I'd add on jeans and panty hose. Surprisingly if your going out to dinner and it's cold panty hose will help keep you warm!! I even wear them under leggings if I'll be out in the cold all day. 
  • Shirts: If it's hot I go for over-sized light fabric tops, I love light crochet sweaters and tunics. Bring about 3 nice shirts and 1 or 2 comfy t-shirts. 
  • Dresses- You definitely want 1 really nice dinner dress probably your favorite LBD would be perfect and I always need a good maxi dress for that day I didn't feel like shaving my legs. Then I just fill my suitcase with whatever dresses I haven't worn in awhile. I feel like they all deserve the chance to travel with me!! Dresses have feelings too!! Probably end up with 5-8 cover up's and day dresses that can be doubled up for a dinner or lunch. 
  • Jackets- What I have learned that even if your traveling somewhere that's 115 degrees you should still bring a jacket!! We had some cold nights in the mountains and I had nothing. Even if you don't end up wearing your jacket you pack it with your carry-on and it can double up as a blanket or pillow on the plane. 

There you have it!! My fabulous packing tips for a beach/sight seeing trip to Greece!! I'd probably pack the same for any Europe trip minus the obvious beach items but always pack just 1 swim suit you never know when you might need it! Remember layers are your friend and the weather man lies!! Always have a backup for cold weather turning hot or hot weather turning cold. Just because your going to Mexico you cannot expect it to be hot beachy weather 100% of your stay just because google said so?!?! As long as you are prepared and organized it will make your life and vacation much more enjoyable!!
--Travel on you travel birds!!


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