I don't know what it is with me and cooking but sometimes it takes a few times to perfect a recipe before it's actually up to my serving standards. Maybe it's because I'm picky and worked in the restaurant business for too long, maybe it's because I have a hard time following recipes, or maybe it's because I get so inspired with add in's that I lose my mind and my dish becomes a mess pot? Either way a great chef has to experiment every once and while and learn from their mistakes.

Every time we go out to restaurants I am confused as to why their chicken chili is so good and mine kind of (actually) really sucks! This has always bothered me that I couldn't figure out their "secret recipe" (which probably comes from a thawed out bag.) With a chili cook off as my inspiration I got to work! I've made white chicken chili multiple times in the past and it never comes out right. It was always watery and the solids would sink to the bottom and I felt like I was eating spicy chicken broth not chili. I've tried adding flour or corn starch to thicken it up with no luck. I decided to challenge myself and make something restaurant worthy.

Finally I reviewed about 30 different recipes pulling what I liked and thought would work from each one and I finally think I've figured it out. I know it's good too because I made this twice in the same day and had almost no leftovers both times!

Rome is so far my favorite city in Italy. It's so historic every where you look you will see ruins or a statue stuck in time. There's great shopping, friendly people, and yummy food everywhere your eyes can see! This post is going to be about a cooking class Jay, Claudia, and I took together while in Rome.

Cooking Class in Rome, Italy
A Cooking Day in Rome
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