BEST Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Spread/Dip/Sauce (Htipiti)

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Htipiti gets its name from the traditional method of “beating” the cheese with a mortar and pestle. Also known as Kopanisti (pounded) in some parts of Greece, this is a quick and easy dip that combines the sweetness of red peppers and the salty tang of Feta cheese if you get the right cheese!

This stuff is the bomb!! This will probably be the shortest post I have ever written because it's so easy to make!! We learned how to make this in Greece probably the most simple and delicious thing we ate while in the country. There are a TON of variations I will include at the bottom and I encourage you to be creative with this after you make the original.

BEST Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Spread/Dip/Sauce (Htipiti)

Here it goes.... 

2- roasted red peppers
1- whole container of sheep's milk and/or goat's milk feta cheese. (you can buy the large cube that's sold in it's juices or the crumbled stuff, just make sure it's good quality.) I'm thinking on average I'd use at least 1-2 cups worth but it's whatever you like.
-Really good olive oil (I prefer the kind that has a peppery taste, look for something middle priced that's really Italian and go with it. Or make an event out of it and do an olive oil tasting somewhere.)
-Red pepper flakes (the kind you put on pizza)

Using a food processor or blender, put in the roasted red peppers and a good few shakes of the red pepper flakes. Remember you can always add more to taste but you cannot take away spicy. Add some salt and pepper to taste and blend. Add about 1/4 a cup of olive oil and blend. Mix in feta and mash up. If you prefer a smooth texture blend the feta with what's already in the blender. Serve with pita bread, Melba toasts, crackers, french bread, celery, green pepper slices, cucumber, or other veggies. For leftovers use as a sandwich spread, add cream and use as a pasta sauce, serve grilled chicken over rice and top with leftover sauce! Options are endless!!

BEST Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Spread/Dip/Sauce (Htipiti)

Now for the fun stuff!! Add in's!! I'll just give you a list and pick and choose what works for you :)

  • lemon juice
  • pomegranete juice
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • paprika
  • cumin
  • fresh or roasted garlic
  • cream cheese
  • vinegar
  • shallots
  • onions
  • ricotta cheese
  • fresh spicy pepper
  • any fresh herbs available
  • oregano 
  • sun dried tomatoes
As you can see pretty easy to make and small room for error. If it doesn't taste right add more of this or that until you like it! You can make this and serve in 10 minutes and it tastes like a lot more work went into this (trust me) and you don't have to be afraid of leftovers because you can use them for everything!!

BEST Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Spread/Dip/Sauce (Htipiti)


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