Disclaimer: This post is supposed to be funny and informative. Having been in a relationship for almost 5 years I feel like I have done enough research and traveling to write this post. The plan is to explain how we have built up to these 3 week European vacations loving each other almost every step of the way.  

Traveling with your significant other can always and will be stressful at one point or another. Even when your going to a relaxing spa resort for your anniversary. I know of course your just so madly in love that nothing bad could ever happen between you guys. You never fight..
Guess what? Things happen.
Obviously we don't really glamorize our issues but I know it happens to everyone. Flights get cancelled, itineraries get confused, your lost in a foreign country, after a few drinks and no sleep there's no one left to take your frustrations out on. I wanted to write about how Jay and I build up to some of these issues to make our traveling much less stressful. Because I know we are not alone. Practice makes perfect the more time you spend nearly 24/7 with someone the easier it will be for you to learn how to avoid arguments, when to pick your battles, and how to pull the other person out of a funk.

If your planning a trip to Israel and you find yourself in Jerusalem the Mount of Olives is a must go.
Go on your first day to get a landscape of the city (it's the highest point in the city) and see what your dealing with while in town. It's a breath-taking view out of all the traveling we had done the first time I've seen anything like that. It's amazing just to gaze out and imagine what it used to be like back in Old City times.
You can get there by car or walking but it is a steep hill up. Chances are if your going to the Mt. Olives you will probably take a stop at the Garden of Gethsemane (kind of pronounced like get-some-money) There are very few parking spots at the lookout and bad parking at Gethsemane. It's just down the hill from the lookout. Definitely worth a stop.