You know what guys? I just love Paris. I could live there.

Recently Jay and I went there for our second and third time this year. My love for Europe grew about 23841%. We have got a little hip in this past year and were able to book some fun tours around the city. If I haven't said in previous blog posts.. scheduling tours or tour guides is probably one of the smartest ways to make your vacation more enjoyable. You don't have to go overboard and book every day full of tours and events but a few good ones here and there is always nice. This post is going to give you some general tips for traveling to Paris. From fashion to safety, Paris is another world it's best to be prepared for your trip.

I have arrived!! 

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Delta changes the rules of the game for me and you.

Delta, Delta, Delta why must you do what you do. Delta has been leading the airline world to the promise land of profits. The airlines have long been an industry rife with labor union strikes, bankruptcies, victims of national crisis like 9/11 and unstable oil prices. I like to travel and have become addicted to the deal. Cheap flights, lots of miles and some really cool perks. We (Angie and I) chose Delta after flying Continental and United through their merger a few years ago. We had come up a few thousand miles short of making status and decided to try Delta.

Delta makes changes on it's 2014 frequent flier program. 

Jay wanted to start making something different for dinners we cook. He mentioned this chicken and rice pie he used to make when he was younger with his Mom. She couldn't remember the recipe and after some serious google'ing we didn't find anything that matched quite right. After a few mediocre attempts at creating the original it morphed into something more delicious and more amazing. In the post I will leave you with the basic Sun Dried Tomato and Artichoke Recipe. You can replace the tomatoes and artichokes with whatever you feel fit but this is the variation we found had the most flavor. This dinner is best paired with a rich oakey buttery Chardonnay. Here is the link to my Chardonnay recommendations  I would add a vegetable on the side or we usually do a salad.

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Fino is not only an unforgettable dining experience in San Francisco it's also one of the most authentic and accommodating restaurants I've ate at in a long time. Jay first discovered this place when he took his son out to California for the first time a few years ago. (So we will give him the credit) They stayed downtown in the business district and chose the best sounding place on Trip Advisor without a reservation (at the time it was #1 now is #22 so you can't always judge a restaurant based solely on reviews.) I will add that sometimes Trip Advisor does disappoint us from time to time but we have been far from disappointed with Fino. It has since turned into a tradition for us every time we go to San Fran we always stop here for dinner.
One of the more personal things that I enjoy is that they have a veteran staff. You just can't beat a little old world restaurant that recognizes their every few month regulars. That's just something I think is hard to find these days especially in a large city like San Francisco. It warms my heart when I step into the lobby of the St. Andrews Hotel. You'll see the mahogany wood bar and can request for a table near the fire place.