Jay's Survival Guide to Paris 

Planning is the key but your flexibility and adaptability will be tested.
I book my flights before hotels; you have 24 hours to cancel any flight booked directly with most airlines.  A direct flight is best if possible but landing time is the most important.   You will want to use www.matrix.itasoftware.com (see previous travel posts) to find the best days  and cities to fly out comparing cost and landing times.  Ideally you will select a flight that lands between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  It will take you up to an hour to get out of the airport and 45 minutes to get to Paris once you get out.   This puts you after morning rush hour and before evening rush hour and your room should be ready for check in or you can grab a bite to eat nearby after you drop your luggage in the lobby.  There is nothing more miserable than arriving at the hotel at 8:00 AM after flying all night, tired, and smelly and being told your room will not be available for six or seven more hours.

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Miles and Miles
Part 1:  Elite Miles

Terms you need to know:
FF Miles – Frequent Flier miles  - you spend these
EQM or MQD – Elite Qualifying Miles or Medallion Qualifying Miles – These are Status Miles
MR – Mileage Run – a set of back to back flights with a goal of getting a lot of miles cheap.  Like Oakland to Maui via Salt Lake and LA for $200 and 7300 miles with connections round trip. It took 3 days, 15,000 miles, 15 airports $400.00, no hotels, a few meals, 4 showers at LAX skyclub and 3 new friends.
MR/Trip – is my own creation where I find a good deal like Chicago to Istanbul for $600 round trip and I go and stay for a long weekend.  Purists don’t consider it a MR but it’s my blog.  I have only done on pure MR.
First we have to start off with the fact that there are two kinds of miles that you receive when you fly from point A to B and back.  You receive Elite Status Miles  these mile reset to zero every year.  You need to collect increments of 25000 miles to receive perks  on the airline every year.  I will use Delta because it is what I fly as an example.  The second type is Frequent Flier Miles (FF Miles) these you can spend for tickets and will be covered in Part 2 of Miles and Miles.

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I don't know about all of you guys but the one thing I think of the second I go on a diet is PIZZA!!! There are multiple reasons. Sometimes I just don't feel like cooking and it seems easy to buy a frozen pizza or call for delivery after a long day of work. Welcome to the perfect marry to the best of both worlds. Have your pizza and eat it too! Don't feel guilty for indulging since this filling pizza is only 275 calories! You could almost have 2 entire mini pizzas and not go over on calories!

Best ever pita pizza recipe #angieknowsthetruth
Pita Pizza Recipe 

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