Warm Spinach Quinoa Dinner Salad Recipe

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I am a little overdue on the postings here and I do apologize.. BUT.. it's only because I have been so inspired by summer and cooking up a storm! In the next few weeks I have some great summer recipes to look forward to and we have a trip to Vegas booked! Obviously with it being summer we are all trying to eat healthy and trim up. Recently the brakes went out in my car and I was stuck at home for the evening and came up with this tasty and filling dinner salad. This recipe is extremely simple, delicious, and healthy I encourage you to try it! You can pick up these few things from the store and be eating in 20 minutes!

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Warm Spinach Quinoa Dinner Salad

Grocery List-
-Warm rotisserie chicken (or any kind of fully cooked meat)
-Container of pre-washed spinach or other leafy green
-Fresh Red Pepper -Sliced
-Red Onion- Thinly Sliced
-Betty Crocker Suddenly Grain Salad  *photo below or a Quinoa/ brown rice pilaf (add almonds and cranberries) I've seen a Quaker Oats Barley Pilaf box that would work as well. If you cannot find these just try to use a mix of cooked grains.
-Good Olive Oil
-Good Balsamic Vinegar
-Fresh Basil or Parsley (if you have it)

This is really simple if you are able to find the Grain Salad from betty crocker you just boil the bag for 16 minutes and toss in the dressing it comes with. Keep the salad warm although directions say to let it cool. The reason for this is the warm salad will wilt the spinach underneath giving you both a fresh crisp spinach on the outside and a warm cooked wilted spinach to go with the grain salad.While the grain salad is cooking prepare your meat and slice any veggies you like so it's ready to top on the salad. Tear spinach up on the plates, tearing the spinach will release the flavor and be easier to eat. Portion up the warm grain salad on top of the spinach and add the sliced red peppers, onions, and chicken. If you have fresh basil add that on top, and add your own amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing. Serve with a toasty slice of whole grain bread and a glass of prosecco!


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