Caesar's Palace - Las Vegas, Nevada

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Caesar's Palace is basically the mecca of Las Vegas. From what I have heard they own many of the other casinos and resorts on the strip and are also part of the Total Rewards program. Caesar's has it's own mall area called the Forum Shops which are very large,  in charge and basically an attraction of their own. You can also get to many places without even really going outside! Even parts of the Hangover were filmed here! Just in case you didn't already figure in August it is HOT in Vegas! When we were checking out on Monday I made a comment to a local about the wind outside and he replied "Oh really? I haven't been outside since Thursday!" haha!!

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It all started with a phone call from a Hilton Honors rep who offered us a 3 night stay in Las Vegas with dinner and show tickets for $200. What was the catch? We had to sit in an hour meeting for a time share like service which Jay will explain in another post how their point system works. He jumped on the opportunity to travel cheap since we have never been there and we had a year to use it.
A few months went by and one of my friends mentioned that she was going to Vegas for a 4 night stay. Jay found us cheap flights to use for our miles so we went ahead and booked it. Only 1 problem... We still had to figure out where we would stay for our last night in Vegas. I was hoping we could book a nice room on the strip knowing that our Hilton location was a mile or so off the path. Chelsea and her amazing fiance Michael booked us a night at Caesar's Palace! I was so excited! So in honor of having amazing friends I am going to write this post about Caesar's Palace their favorite place in Vegas.

First of all you probably already know this place is basically like a city inside. You need to do your research and have an idea of where you are going to save yourself a headache and time.
It seems as though a lot of the "towers" have their own private check in service beyond the main lobby check in areas. We arrived and the lines were very long in the main check in and since we do not have total reward status we ended up waiting in this line. When we could have walked a short ways and checked in immediately through the Augustus tower. There are no signs and no one standing around to guide you so this is good to know especially if you already know what tower you are staying in.
Finally after we got checked in we headed to our room. The lady at the check in counter said we would have a Bellagio fountain view and we only had to pay an extra $30 for an early check in so I was super excited! Walking down the hallways of The Roman Tower the hotel looked old and dated and my smile turned upside down when we entered our room. We basically had a rooftop air conditioner unit view.  Immediately we were let down, the room was hot and when I turned on the AC it made a ratchet grinding noise. Jay called the customer service number and without much hesitation they offered to move us to a new room with a fountain view and a $50 food voucher. Needless to say we were instantly impressed by the customer service and our bags arrived about 5-10 minutes after we got to our room. The room was nice, I wouldn't say it was the nicest room ever but it was a spacious studio with a king size bed. The view was nice and since we weren't paying for the room we were very very happy with the Augustus Tower Luxury room.

We got our pool gear on and headed down to the Temple pool expecting to pay a fortune to get some chairs since it was growing on Noon at this point. I don't know if it was because it was a Sunday or because it was August but we had no problems finding 4 chairs all together. The pool was nice and didn't feel overly crowded compared to the Hilton pool. The drinks were EXPENSIVE!! I would recommend filling some airplane size bottles and ordering a glass of juice to make your own drink rather than paying the $36 for a margarita. (we did this for a lot of the shows too)

All in all we definitely enjoyed our stay at Caesar's and would choose this for our next hotel stay in Las Vegas. Everyone was very nice and accommodating. The rooms were clean and the pool area was very clean. It's a good central location and also part of the total rewards program which our casino here in Cincinnati offers as well. All of the food and drinks we had there were much better than the selections at the Hilton Grand Vacation resort but slightly more expensive.

Last minute tips for staying at Caesar's Palace:
-Bring your own K cups for the Kurig coffee maker because they charge you for them in the room.
-Watch the Hangover on the plane ride over
-Bring a flask or small airplane size liquor bottles.
-There are complimentary water coolers with cups throughout the pool area.
-Even number rooms in the Augustus tower have a strip view
-Remember if something looks like it's a short walking distance from your hotel view it's probably much father than you think.


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