Written by Jay- 
Welcome to Points to Places.  
My quest for points began in 2011.  I had just started traveling again after taking a few years off due to a number of reasons.  I had nicknamed myself “Jay the World Traveler” in my email addresses, My Space and various places on the web.  My serious world traveling started in 1994 thanks to the United States Navy Reserves.  Even though I was active duty I never went anywhere outside the US until I became a weekend sailor.  My first trip was to Thailand, followed by Australia, Spain and Hawaii all on the government dime, plus they paid me.  Having no fear of foreign lands and meeting locals I adventured out on my own to Paris, Ireland, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico and more.  I used the internet to find last minute deals for airfare and hotels.  I learned the ins and outs of Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbits and others.  I shared my knowledge with friends and family.

Hello, my name is Jay aka JaytheWorldTraveler.  You will run into plenty of people on the internet that have traveled more, know more, and are more elegant writers than myself.  But what I hope is that I will be one of those go to sites that you share with your friends and family when there are questions about travel.   Knowledge should not be kept as a secret and should be shared.  The points game is a game but we will play by the rules and adapt and overcome hurdles that confront us and our goal of traveling in style and comfort for less than the other guy.  

We begged our tour guide in Abu Dhabi to take us to an authentic middle eastern restaurant. Whether it was fancy or street food we didn't care. A few minutes later we pulled down this street right on the harbor. There were many men working on boats and it wreaked of fish. For me that's a good smell because I know there will be the best fresh fish at the restaurant we are going to.