Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi

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We begged our tour guide in Abu Dhabi to take us to an authentic middle eastern restaurant. Whether it was fancy or street food we didn't care. A few minutes later we pulled down this street right on the harbor. There were many men working on boats and it wreaked of fish. For me that's a good smell because I know there will be the best fresh fish at the restaurant we are going to. 

When we walked in the manager kindly greeted us and shook our hands and welcomed us to the restaurant. Immediately I noticed there was fresh fish on the ice giant prawns, lobsters, and many fishes I had never seen before. You can order these and they will cook them to order for you. We went straight for the buffet. The manager walked us along the entire line and went through each and every dish and explained what it was. His English explanations were kind of vague but everything looked so delicious. We were seated at a beautiful table and were waited on hand and foot from then on. When I walked up to the buffet I was handed a plate by one man, then 2 other men would open the buffet plates for me as I walked along. They would then offer to spoon things out onto my plate or try to explain what it was. When I got back to my seat there was a man to pull out my chair and lay my napkin down. 
How can you not be impressed by that level of service? We were not expecting something this nice or fancy. In our experience those fancy highly raved about places are all hype. 
We were able to try a wide variety of foods mostly Indian and Lebanese dishes and lots of different local fishes.  If you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi near the famous Corniche road you should be sure to stop here for you will not be disappointed! 

Hidden away behind the fish market on the Dhow pier
Look at the size of those prawns! 
Our beautiful table! 

Sampling a few of their almost 40 salad offerings
Could not skip dessert!! 
Coffee time!! 


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