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Hello, my name is Jay aka JaytheWorldTraveler.  You will run into plenty of people on the internet that have traveled more, know more, and are more elegant writers than myself.  But what I hope is that I will be one of those go to sites that you share with your friends and family when there are questions about travel.   Knowledge should not be kept as a secret and should be shared.  The points game is a game but we will play by the rules and adapt and overcome hurdles that confront us and our goal of traveling in style and comfort for less than the other guy.  

I started flying by myself when I was 8 years old.  Collecting buy one get one free coupons on United and American Airlines in the 70’s after an ugly and lengthy strike.   I was an original mileage runner and didn't even know it.  I did it for the playing cards, the plastic pilot wings and peanuts.   Five or six connections in one day like CLE-PIT-CAK-PIT-CLE
My mother was a travel agent in Cleveland, Ohio.   She took those coupons and sold them to clients so that they could take their families to Hawaii and other destination.  Over the coming decades travel changed.  Computers were introduced, loyalty programs and the internet.  The travel agent has been replaced by Priceline, Orbitz, Hotwire and others.  Individuals now have to navigate these sites and try and figure out prices, destinations, times, cars, hotels, layovers, and compare deals, prices and options.  To the once a year traveler or first time traveler this can be over whelming and mistakes can be costly.
This site will be broken up in to sections about points, status, programs, people and places.  In 2013 I earned 128,000 Delta status miles.  Reaching Delta’s highest elite level.  In 2014 Delta my beloved airline changed their rules on how to earn status and points.  Reluctantly I have left Delta and will start a new journey with American Airlines in 2015.  I will document my journey and the differences in the programs from my point of view.  I will also introduce people to Hilton Honors program my current hotel of choice and why it is at the moment as well as other programs that I have first hand knowledge.   I will introduce you to people I know all over the world so you will have a friendly face and advise on some things to do and don’t do when you get there.

I will not reinvent the wheel but I will teach you how to ride the bike of using points to get to more places.  I will write for the novice and the experienced traveler trying not to talk over ones head or boring the other with endless explanations.


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