Status Challenge and Matches

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Knowledge is everything. I recommend you will get the run down on every program out there.  Who is doing what to steal loyal flyers and buyers away from the competition?   By reviewing this site you will know what others have gotten just by asking and what steps and hoops they had to jump through to get them.  This will give you the power when you call to get the same deal.  If the first person you talk to says that program it not available hang up and call back (HUCB), ask for a supervisor, sell them why they should give you the opportunity and the status you want now, let them know your friend just got the same deal you are asking for.

Being a Delta Diamond Medallion in 2014 I reviewed my options for switching to another program because Delta had made it impossible for me to maintain my status due to changes in their program and their relationship with American Express and not with Visa/Master Card.  According to StatusMatcher and confirmed by phone calls to AAdvantage (American Airlines Frequent Flyer Program) American is not doing matches with Delta but will do a challenge.  This is very important to understand differences and do your research.  Status match you get status for free and away you go. Status Challenge you have to pay a fee and have a time limit to travel at fraction of the miles required to get the requested status.  One key thing that I learned from the status website is that you can request immediate Gold Status before you even take one flight.  This is a huge gift, a gift that would not be given unless requested.  It means free checked bag, priority boarding and the biggest one for me, no fees for using miles.

American charges $75 per ticket fee to use miles with-in 21 days of travel.  I have two Citi AAdvantage Master Cards and one Barclays US Airways Master Card (merging with AA).  I generate 30000 to 40000 points per month on my regular business and personal spend.   Along with the miles discount on every trip and other benefits of having the card status makes it a better value to use the points to travel, and better seats and perks when traveling.  I just upgraded one of my Citi AAdavantage cards to Executive Platinum – a $450 fee but gets me into all the American Airline lounges around the world.  You will see why that is so cool later.
I was able to get a Platinum Challenge to earn 10000 EQM (Status Miles/points are not to be confused with travel miles) in 90 days with Gold status immediately for $200.  Upon completing the challenge I will be platinum for the rest of the year thru 2/28/16.  If I earn 100,000 status miles I would get executive status.  Currently there is no challenge to Executive Platinum but that can change and it never hurts to ask.  Also American did not ask for any proof of other status so this program is open to everyone and if you fail to make the 10000 EQM’s but reach 5000 you still get to keep the Gold status.  Had I waited till after July 2015 to complete challenge it would have been good thru 2/28/17.  I will need to gather 50,000 status point to keep Platinum for next year.  I will get a 20,000 point bump for having the AA card and the US Air card and meeting the spending requirement.


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