Soup for the Cincinnati Soul

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It all started when I was out at dinner with a good friend of mine. He grew up in Anderson, Ohio and I recently moved out here. We were talking about all of the new places that have been popping up around town in the last year or so. When I moved out here I was disappointed with the food scene. It’s nice being so close to downtown but can be a pain to head down there every night for dinner (especially with a baby.)  I have been so used to cooking my own food and sticking with my routine I haven't really given any of these new places a chance. I am now on the hunt for some good "foodie" food nearby Anderson.

I start my journey at  La Soupe in Newtown. I never made it out there previously because for some reason when you live in Anderson if something is not on Beechmont Ave. it feels far away and foreign. La Soupe is about a 15 minute drive from Cherry Grove and pretty much on the way for folks coming from Mariemont, Kenwood, Madeira, or Indian Hill.

It’s a quaint little non-profit restaurant at 4150 Round Bottom Rd. No other customers were there when I walked in but Suzy and Debbie happily greeted me and explained to me how they are different from your typical lunch restaurant.

All of their produce has been “rescued” meaning they take all of the produce from various krogers and Jungle Jim’s that they would otherwise throw away. They create soups based off of what produce they get that day so the menu is always changing. Whatever they don’t sell that day they donate to various food banks in the city. You can feel good about eating here often knowing you are contributing to La Soupe trying to make a difference in our city.

There were about 6 different soups to choose from and they let me sample most of them. I really liked the Mulligatawny soup. I also ordered the Asian chopped slaw salad. (there were also vegan options) Everything was very delicious and even though my salad was made with produce that was going to be thrown away it tasted fresh and crunchy. I could taste the love in the food. I felt good about eating something healthy and whole for myself also knowing that a portion of my meal was being donated to Cincinnati children who don’t always have food on the table.

The downside to this place is that they close at 5:00 PM so if you work all day it might be difficult to make it there in time to pick up dinner. They are open on Saturday so you could pick up a couple quarts of soup then and head over to Newtown Farmer’s Market right down the road and create a pairing for your soup! Suzy said the soups freeze great too so if you’re not one to venture out much this could also be a good option for you.

Anderson is full of corporately owned businesses. I think you should take a chance in not only supporting a local business but supporting this wonderful woman and her determination to make a difference in our city. Pour yourself a bowl of soup knowing that because of you another child will be having a meal that night. It is good for your soul. It is good for the city.


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