Summer Hair Don't Care

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Summer Hair don't care! 

This was potentially the last time getting my hair done by Chelsea. She has been doing my hair for the last 9 years! I basically have virgin hair at this point because no one has touched it except this wonderful angel of a hair stylist. 

I've been rocking the baylage/ombre for awhile now. I'm still not bored of it.. yet.. If your a brunette the question is always light vs. dark? Usually you go light for summer in dark for winter. For summer I am staying with the theme! Lot's of fun summery blonde going on here which is only going to get lighter with time. Hopefully longer too because I've been taking this Sugar Bear Hair Care Vitamins like a saint! If you are on the fence about your next hair appointment I highly recommend going lighter! 

Nail Color: OPI You've Got Nata on me
Dress: Target
Sunglasses ---> Michael Kors Aviators


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