Who would have guessed that Lemurs are so sweet, funny, and snugly. 🤷‍♀️⠀

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Can I just start out by saying that Jay and I paid nearly $300 per person at a different zoo for an "animal encounter" and didn't even get to pet any animals 🤔. I cannot say enough good things about the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. We paid $10 per person to snuggle with lemurs that have been rescued and cannot be released back into the wild. I really didn't know anything about these animals until we we sat down and the zoo keeper was telling us that they can make 40 different sounds! He showed us their "comb" like teeth and exactly where each one likes to be scratched. When you hit the right spot they just go totally limp and lay there like a relaxed cat. I'm definitely going to look more into how to help these wonderful endangered creatures.